VIDEO: Secret Video Shows Hillary GO OFF On Black Man, This Could Destroy Her

Hillary Clinton has claimed to be the champion of black Americans, mocking Donald Trump’s efforts to reach out to a community that has been lagging behind both economically and academically since President Barack Obama assumed the Oval Office. This shocking new video reveals Clinton’s complete lack of humanity when actually talking to a black voter expressing concerns about his community.

Not only Hillary’s condescending words but her entire dismissive demeanor were revealed in the awkward exchange between the career politician and the black voter in this now viral video.



“If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people,” Hillary interjects when the man is trying to explain how members of the black community view a pressing issue they feel negatively impacts their daily lives.

The video begins mid-discussion when the unidentified black man tells Clinton about what he feels in a longstanding issue relating to a “white problem of violence” in America.

“I understand, I understand what you’re saying, well, respectfully,” Hillary says, cutting the man off time and again—with her lips firmly pursed and waving her hands about like she is swatting flies.

Clearly agitated, Hillary cuts the man off again as he tries to explain that she is not grasping what he is saying.

“We are going to deal with these very real problems,” Clinton says, in what can only be described once again as an irritated and impatient tone of voice.

How can Hillary and her useful liberal idiots deal with a problem they not only refuse to learn more about but are unwilling to even show some common decency to American citizens who want to discuss the matter and describe how they feel the matter harms them and their loved ones?

I have no idea if the man was making a valid point or if he was just doing some liberal and politically correct whining. We will never know thanks to Hillary’s refusal to mingle in the real world for even a few moments and LISTEN to the Americans in front of her asking for help.

The sheer arrogance shown by Hillary Clinton during the exchange with the man epitomizes how she and her fellow liberals view the entire black community.

They do not want to actually bother listening to black voters—they just want them to vote Democrat and go quietly back to their crumbling neighborhoods, joblessness, and failing schools and wait for a check to arrive in the mail to fix what career politicians THINK is wrong.

That approach has caused nothing but dependency and despair in black communities for the past 30 years.



VIDEO: Secret Video Shows Hillary GO OFF On Black Man, This Could Destroy Her