VIDEO: Undercover Video Reveals Clinton Operatives’ SICK Plan For Women At Next Trump Rally

A series of videos have been released recently by Project Veritas outlining the depths that the Clinton campaign is willing to stoop to in order to win the upcoming election. These videos have exposed evidence of Clinton supporters and the rest of the Clinton camp doing a number of things from voter fraud to trying to incite violence at Trump rallies and discredit Trump supporters.

Well, another video by Project Veritas has just gone viral and it reveals a disturbing secret tactic that the Clinton campaign is planning to use against Trump to further discredit Trump and help the left continue to write the narrative that Trump hates women and has no respect for the American female population.

Just this past Wednesday the project released a video explaining how the Clinton camp plans on staging people in the Trump rallies in order to paint a false image.

These Project Veritas videos have fueled Trump’s claim that the system is rigged against him. It is unclear how many more videos will be released, or what will be on them.