Washington Struggling To Survive, Clinton Blackmailed Obama And Now It’s Bad

Before President Obama actually became the Commander-in-Chief, he had to endure a contested primary with Hillary Clinton back in 2008. Obviously, Obama won and has proceeded to destroy this country in his two terms. Now that he is unable to serve another term, Clinton thinks it is her chance to run the country.

As we all know a Clinton presidency would essentially be a third term of Obama. Because their policies match up with one another, it would be a fair assumption to think that the two are close.

WRONG. Clinton and Obama cannot stand each other! It all stems from the fact that Obama defeated Clinton eight years ago. We have emailed proof that the Clintons can’t stand the president. They continue to hold that grudge, and because of thathatred, the Clinton campaign appears to have tried to blackmail Obama.

It makes sense considering that the Clintons absolutely despises Obama. They really believed that it was her turn to lead the United States back in 2008. When Obama won, it completely destroyed that fantasy. Ever since then, in private emails the Clinton’s refer to Obama as “that man.”

How is this possible? The proof is in the emails once again! WikiLeaks hacked the account of current Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and they have been releasing thousands of his emails for the public to see. It was during this latest leak that the Clinton campaign is blackmailing the president.

In an email dated March 4, 2015, Podesta decided to email Cheryl Mills. Mills is one of Clinton’s top aides. The email was discussing some more email trouble. Except they were mentioning emails between her and the president of the United States.

“Think we should hold emails to and from POTUS?” That’s the heart of his exec privilege. We could get them to ask for that. They may not care, but I seems like they will.” Outside of the atrocious grammar and spelling, this email is insinuating that they blackmail the president! For those that don’t think otherwise, really look at the last part of the last sentence. “…but I seems like they will.”

That is similar to what someone in power would have over someone that needs something. It’s basically saying that they have some drastic power over him and that he had better comply with them. That also means there are two questions left that need answering.

What did they ask Obama to do for Clinton and what does he have to hide? Unfortunately we don’t have much information on what Obama has to hide. There was another email from 2008 that got some information wrong on an article about the President.

What we can assume is that the Clinton campaign asked Obama and his family to campaign on her behalf. She has had President Obama AND his wife, Michelle Obama, campaigning for her. There is an interesting fact about this.

Obama has become the first sitting president to strongly endorse a candidate from the same party in 100 years. It seems almost too coincidental that this is all happening. How could two people that actively hate each other suddenly endorse each other and make everything seem united?

That is because Obama is being blackmailed! There is literally no other way to phrase this! Look at all the evidence that is there! Obama and Clinton absolutely hate each other. It was a bitter primary in 2008 and the Clinton’s have never forgiven him for that.

Throw in the fact that several of the released emails show that Obama was emailing the Clinton campaign about a few issues. And finally comes this email where they are asking if they should HOLD his emails! So Mr. President, what EXACTLY are you hiding? The whole world would like to know!

Possibly to mend the relationship between the two, Obama offered Clinton the position of Secretary of State. Four years later she stepped down to focus on another presidential run. But it was those four years as Secretary of State that have been the bane of Clinton’s existence during this presidential run.

Because of her email scandal that happened, the FBI had ordered Clinton to turn over all of her emails that happened while she was Secretary of State. In a pitiful attempt to avoid this, she deleted them. But several other people in her campaign didn’t delete their own emails, so we have proof of what they tried to do.

Conservative Daily Post has covered several previous leaks on members of the Democratic Party. As previously mentioned, there was another leak that showed that the Clintons absolutely hate Obama. Seems strange that they claim they are good friends now.

Of course that means that since they are being blackmailed, the Obama’s are going to do whatever they can to make sure that Clinton gets elected. That includes sending out Michelle to campaign for her and slam Donald Trump.

Share this article to show that the newest WikiLeaks drop just showed that the Clinton campaign has blackmailed the leader of our nation. The evidence backs this up. Considering that the two hate each other and that Obama has been the first sitting president to strongly campaign in 100 years just shows that this isn’t a coincidence!

Now the only thing left to ask is this: What is President Obama hiding so much that he is willing to do whatever it takes to not have it leaked? Whatever it is, it’s just another reason to vote for Trump. Otherwise it will be four more years of secrets and lies!

via: conservativedailypost.com

Washington Struggling To Survive, Clinton Blackmailed Obama And Now It’s Bad
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