WATCH: 100 Protesters In Vicious Brawl With 20 Muslim “Refugees”

Refugees and neo-Nazis battled it out on the streets of an east German town on Wednesday night with police fighting to save the migrants outnumbered five to one.

But police said the asylum seekers started the confrontation – and later hurled bottles at the police trying to save them from a beating.

About 100 far-right men and women attacked some 20 asylum seekers in the town of Bautzen after the migrants taunted them. Video footage shows chaotic scenes as fighting breaks out in the German town.

It comes as German chancellor Angela Merkel continues to fight for her political life over her open-door policy on immigration with the threat of fresh gains by the right-wing populist AfD party.

Police said the neo-Nazis were goaded before they began chanting ‘Bautzen for the Germans’ and bottles and fists began flying.

Police charged the groups with truncheons drawn and used pepper spray on both sides.


WATCH: 100 Protesters In Vicious Brawl With 20 Muslim “Refugees”
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