WATCH – Hannity, Sheriff Clarke, and Judge Jeanine GO NUCLEAR On Liberal Crybabies

Hillary led in the polls for most of the presidential campaign. It was a tough fight, but after the dust cleared Donald Trump was the one who received the most electoral votes.

But, the Liberal celebrities don’t want to accept this. However, Sean Hannity, Sheriff Clarke, and Judge Jeanine weren’t giving them a free pass. Instead, they had just one simple message for many of these far-left celebrities: “You don’t have any power, any control, we don’t give a damn what you think!” said Judge Jeanine.

Life has a tendency not to always go your way, and that is especially true of politics. But Liberal celebrities want to think that they have more control over the American public than they do.

Some of them, like Miley Cyrus, will post emotional responses that illustrate they are just a bratty adolescent. “Get over yourself, you sing well, keep on singing, and that’s enough about politics” Judge Jeanine continued.

All throughout this past election celebrities came out with glowing endorsements for Clinton. I was never quite sure of their reasoning, it usually sounded like they simply expected their star-power to dazzle Trump fans.

The Liberals in Hollywood can’t imagine the lives of hard working Americans who struggle to support their families and build their businesses under the weight of the red tape the Democrats have plastered all over the country.

So, why would these disconnected Hollywood Liberals think their perspective matters to us at all?

These famous fools got a big surprise, just like Hillary Clinton, when the populous ignored their incessant endorsements of Clinton and decrying of Donald Trump.

I remember that this happened around Kerry’s loss as well. Although the response wasn’t as bad, many of the liberals and plenty of celebrities had a difficult time accepting his defeat. It forced them to come out of their bubble and left many of them incredulous. “What do you mean Kerry wasn’t elected?” many of them asked. Its like they think that We the People have to do what they tell us to.

I’m sorry the Hollywood Liberals are so butt-hurt over this election, but take a lesson from us. Grow up, get a life, and, for those of you who promised to leave if Trump was elected, leave America!

We, the common people, the real Americans, are fed up, and we took our country back. That’s all there is to it. There’s a new sheriff in town. Get used to it.

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WATCH – Hannity, Sheriff Clarke, and Judge Jeanine GO NUCLEAR On Liberal Crybabies