WATCH – Judge Jeanine Just Made a HUGE Statement About What Trump Means For America

Judge Jeanie Pirro devoted the opening segment of her Saturday evening Fox News show to discussing Donald Trump’s ability to live up to his campaign pledges. Pirro was shocked by what the President-Elect has said and done so far.

“Amazing. A president who actually fulfills a promise before he even moves into the Oval Office,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said. She went on to compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan.

“You’re watching in real-time a President-Elect who is not all talk, a leader who is going to show us real hope and change. You’re watching Ronald Reagan,” Pirro continued.

The Fox News host was referring to the 1,100 Carrier jobs Trump was able to convince the company to keep in Indiana instead of relocating them to Mexico as planned.

Jeanine Pirro compared Donald Trump’s ability to negotiate such an incredible and last-minute deal before even being sworn in, with President Ronald Reagan negotiating the release of 50 American hostages in Iran. Jimmy Carter tried to negotiate a deal with Iran for 444 days before being kicked out of office by the American people.

Carrier became a focal point of Donald Trump’s economic prosperity and jobs creation plan on the campaign trail. After a video of Carrier executives informing workers they were about to cut more than 1,000 jobs, went viral, the company was cited as an example of poor business outreach during the Obama administration.

“We do all kinds of generous things for illegals [and] refugees– We educate them, medicate them, house them, give them food stamps– we even give them Obamacare, although the president said it wouldn’t cover them,” Judge Jeanine added. “Where’s our incentive?”

Pirro went on to chastise the response Barack Obama’s gave when a steelworker, concerned about his livelihood, asked how the President intended to stop the outsourcing of jobs to countries with cheap labor. Unlike Donald Trump, Obama didn’t have a plan to keep existing jobs in the United States.

Obama told the steelworker he should not be trying to figure out how to stop all the outsourcing, but instead spend his time focusing on learning new skills. The President suggested the long-time steelworker find a way to adapt to the type of jobs Obama felt America would be left with, such as clean energy positions.

In just a few more weeks we will once again have a President who puts America first. It has been far too long since an Oval Office holder possessed the skill, strength, bluntness, and will of President Ronald Reagan!


WATCH – Judge Jeanine Just Made a HUGE Statement About What Trump Means For America