WATCH – Liberals LOSE IT, Throw Giant Tantrum After Trump’s HUGE Victory

Liberals love to talk about unity. They’re all about peace and love and how we all “just need to get along.”

Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of peace and love on the streets of Portland or Oakland early this morning after Donald Trump was officially elected president. Instead, there was rioting, burning, and destruction. Interesting.


Those on the left pleaded for us all to “get along,” that is, as long as they were the ones steering the ship. However, when someone else takes the helm, unity is out the window. Instead, they divide, burn, and destroy. I think the Greeks called it “hypocrisy.”

Hypocrisy is saying one thing but doing another. It’s rooted in deception. Now you see me, now you don’t.

Here’s the point—if liberals truly loved unity, they would apply it in all situations, not just in those that advance their cause. In other words, they would be getting behind President-Elect Trump. He did, they must concede, win by a large margin.

Where was the left this morning? They were trashing the streets of American cities—destroying other people’s property. They were revolting like angry children. Typical. And nobody on their side is calling them out. Crickets.

These same people, after all, demand that those on the right side of the aisle support President Obama. They had no tolerance for any criticism of him or his policies. We all had to “get along.” Not marching to his beat was called “un-American.”

In fact, if we didn’t fall in line with big smiles on our faces, we were labeled racists. We were against Obama and his policies because of the color of his skin. So, let’s get this straight. “Getting along” means doing whatever liberals want. That’s how we get along—or they burn down your city.

Where were the cries for unity this morning? Who on the left is asking for us all to work together now? What happened to practicing what you preach?

In his exemplary acceptance speech this morning, Donald Trump made a pledge to be a president who works hard for all Americans: Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. If that’s not a commitment to unity, I don’t know what is.

Congrats, Mr. President-Elect. Yours is a daunting task, but we will be rooting for you.


WATCH – Liberals LOSE IT, Throw Giant Tantrum After Trump’s HUGE Victory