WATCH: Megyn Kelly Hating Trump On Live TV Just As He Won… Then This Happened

As hundreds of millions of anxious and hopeful Donald Trump supporters learned he had won the election, Megyn Kelly decided to do a bit of fear mongering. The Fox News’ host’s attempt at playing devil’s advocate was not well-received by the crowd assembled outside of her glass-walled studio watching a live feed of the returns coverage.

“Something we haven’t discussed is the number of groups who are likely feeling real fear right now. You’ve got Muslims who are maybe feeling that way tonight,” Megyn Kelly said. The crowd responded with loud booing.

There is simply no logical reason for ANYONE to fear a Donald Trump administration. His plans to keep America safe and not racist or Islamophobic.

“They may be booing but this is true,” Kelly added. Giving voice to hysterical fears was entirely inappropriate and serves to only fuel such outlandish statements in the wake of the historic moment.

Vowing to secure our borders and to enforce existing immigration law is a responsible act by a true leader, not an exercise in bigotry. Suspending, temporarily, immigrants from hotbeds of terrorism from entering the United States until the FBI has fixed a vetting system they have said is flawed, is yet another valid act by a president unafraid to protect the nation he represents by any reasonable and legal means possible.

“You’ve got women who have seen him, you know, accused of groping women against their will,” Megyn Kelly continued. She was once again greeted with boos.

Creating more tension and not allowing festering wounds to heal serves no valuable purpose. Air time spent on nonsense fears is a waste of valuable minutes which could be spent discussing the future of America.


WATCH: Megyn Kelly Hating Trump On Live TV Just As He Won… Then This Happened