WATCH – MSNBC Host Has Quite Possibly the BEST Reaction to Hillary’s Recount Efforts

Usually, MSNBC is not one of the media platforms you want to go to for the unbiased truth, but it seems Joe Scarborough couldn’t hold back the truth here no matter how upset it made his co-host.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough played a clip of Clinton arguing that Trump threatened our democracy by refusing to accept the election results if he didn’t win. Due to Hillary’s current recount attempt, Scarborough flat out laughed at Clinton’s hypocrisy.

The Clinton campaign tried to paint Donald Trump as nothing more than a paranoid man who could not accept defeat. Now who looks like they simply can’t accept defeat?

With the help of Jill Stein, Clinton is trying to organize a recount in three crucial swing states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They think Trump won these states by voter fraud, which is ridiculous.

Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote because her party cheated and drove illegals in and out to vote for Clinton.

Also, many deceased people somehow voted for her, and criminals in Virginia were allowed to vote by Clinton’s Democrat friend, Governor Terry McAuliffe. It is clear the Democrats practice a double standard—they think it is okay for them to do the many things they abhor Republicans for considering.

For example, they can take away our right to bear arms, but we can’t take away their right to burn the American flag. How is that justifiable? It’s ridiculous how the liberal mind works—their logic is too dizzying to follow, frankly.

Scarborough’s co-host, Mika Brzezinski, did not seem too pleased with Scarborough’s comments. The whole time she was looking at the camera as if she wanted the producers to stop him. She outright told him he was giving her a headache.

She may be a Hillary Clinton supporter and may actually be hopeful for the recount. Sorry, but it’s doubtful the recount will change anything because Trump won without any cheating… and that’s more than Hillary can say. She cheated and still lost, which is downright pathetic.

The fact that Hillary Clinton gave a concession speech and is now essentially taking it back is laughable to say the least. She continues to flaunt her hypocrisy! There is no way this is going to go far in court even if they somehow manage to arrange a trial over the supposed fraud.

Hillary Clinton is just a sore loser as are all of her supporters. Maybe Jill Stein knows that and is just trying to scam money off the American people… How disgusting.


WATCH – MSNBC Host Has Quite Possibly the BEST Reaction to Hillary’s Recount Efforts