WATCH: Muslims In U.S. City Chant ‘DEATH To America” (No Word From CNN, NBC, FOX)

Donald Trump was right about the national security threat posed by the massive influx of Muslim immigrants into the United States. Protests like the one he referenced during an early GOP debate are indeed happening in America, the news media is just failing to report it.

Less than two years ago Hamas supporters converged on downtown Chicago and chanted “Death to America” over, and over again – but few outside of the Windy City ever learned of incident.

The “Free Palestine, death to Israel, death to America,” chants did not provoke violence, but this massive gathering of anti-America angst happened long before President Obama permitted 10,000 Syrian migrants into the country and Korans were found among the belongings left by men fleeing Border Patrol agents along the Rio Grande.

The Liberal executives who control the mainstream media do not allow anything that illustrates the failures of 44’s presidency to hit the airwaves.

Trump is the only candidate in the 2016 race for president who is willing to be labeled as politically incorrect and is taking on the issues which most impact our national security and future prosperity.

The Republican establishment wants to label Donald Trump supporters as uneducated, while Liberals bash the front runner’s voting base as bunch of racists. The majority of his supporters are neither. We simply have not yet forgotten how to exercise common sense and realize how important it is to put America first if this great nation is to survive.

Until patriotic Americans stand up and refuse to be silenced out of fear of being cast in a negative light by the Liberal elite, our country will continue to teeter on the brink of disaster.



WATCH: Muslims In U.S. City Chant ‘DEATH To America” (No Word From CNN, NBC, FOX)
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