WATCH – Neil Cavuto Just EXPOSED Obama’s Entire Presidency With 1 Short Sentence

Sometimes you can best make your point through an illustration. That’s exactly what Neil Cavuto did in trying to get through to President Obama about the causes of the Democrat’s heavy losses on November 8, which he continues to blame on the Fox News Channel.

Cavuto said, Fox News didn’t win an election, Mr. President, you lost it, yet it’s still lost on you.” In other words, Fox News didn’t cause your car to wreck, they merely documented how you drove it into a wall at 100mph!

Fox News didn’t create this populist wave, your policies did.” Cavuto charged the President.

Repeatedly over the last several days, Obama has blamed Fox News for both the election losses and his inability to get more accomplished in his eight long years in the Oval Office. Cavuto is having none of that.

Cavuto chose to draw a parallel between Obama’s Presidency and his own recent heart bypass surgery. His point comes through loud and clear. Cavuto is blaming himself for having clogged arteries.

“I ate all the wrong foods, did all the wrongs things, I ignored all the warnings,” Cavuto admitted. “Now I’m not saying it was all me, heaven forbid, but I am saying tough as it is even now to admit, it was mostly me.”

He then challenged Obama to take a similar view of himself, not in a physical sense, but in a personal sense.

“You went after the rich, and seemed stunned when everyone else revolted. All but called the other side racist, yet failed to see the writing on the wall that was pretty black and white,” Cavuto said. “Just like you failed to see that voters didn’t have a problem with the color of your skin, maybe just the thickness of it. Just like you failed to see Americans weren’t chauvinist for rejecting a woman for president, maybe just this woman for president.”

Blame, blame blame. That’s all Obama and his liberal pals do. Nothing is ever their fault, like delusional teenagers they saunter about.

“Sometimes the toughest part is looking in the mirror and the only guy looking back is you.” Cavuto challenged fearlessly.

Obama’s theory is a bit comical, actually, when you consider the media support that Obama has enjoyed (CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, AP, NYT, Chicago Tribune, etc…). How could one little channel wreak so much havoc against those channels?

Let’s hope President Obama listens. Don’t hold your breath and don’t place any bets.


WATCH – Neil Cavuto Just EXPOSED Obama’s Entire Presidency With 1 Short Sentence