WATCH: Obama Declares Clinton Treason JUST AN HONEST MISTAKE

Obama doesn’t want to get involved in the controversy that resulted from him forcing FBI Director Comey to take a dive and not prosecute Hillary Clinton. Obama and Clinton are acting like they’re royalty that is above the law but apparently those in what is still a law enforcement agency object to being forced to be parties to corruption.

The abuse of power and forced violation of their oath of office worked with CBP and ICE, he never expected to run into resistance with the FBI. Now he’s having to resort to sending cryptic public messages and exerting behind the scenes influences, abusing power in every way possible as he always does.


Obama declares those who are expressing concerns about her criminality as being guilty of “saying crazy stuff about her,” having clearly decided to pretend that he thinks she’s innocent, or that being a criminal doesn’t disqualify her from being president.

Poor Hillary just made an honest mistake, transferring over half a million emails to the homes of herself and her assistant. The fact that this guy doesn’t think that is serious in spite of the fact that five foreign nations at a minimum have been determined to have hacked into our most sensitive secrets means he’s in no position to finish out his term either.”

It’s blown up as if it’s just some crazy thing, according to Obama. It’s crazy to protect our secrets and to hold those accountable for violations responsible for their actions.

Catherine Herridge played Obama’s statement of  a little over a year ago, when Obama told 60 Minutes, “I can tell you that this is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.” Of course he’s lying, our national security was laid bare, wide open for the world to access our secrets, just as our border is wide open for them to access our soil.

Isn’t this how treason is defined, even for non-Americans in his position?


WATCH: Obama Declares Clinton Treason JUST AN HONEST MISTAKE
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