WATCH: Obama TURNS On Hillary, Trashes Her Campaign In Front of MILLIONS

Hillary Clinton just can’t catch a break, not even with her Liberal elite peers. During his year’s end press conference, lame duck President Barack Obama slammed her failed campaign in front of millions of viewers.

After once again trashing the purpose of the Constitution outlined by our Founding Fathers, Obama took a swipe at Hillary. Obama said if politicians have a “strong message” both the popular vote and the Electoral College “should align,” the Associated Press reports.

Obama also dubbed the Electoral College as a “vestige” and a “carry-over” from history. Once again the President proves how little respect Liberals have for the Constitution and the importance the words it contains have on the sustainability of both our republic and our rights as citizens.

When President Obama was asked whether he, like many of his Democrat Party peers, believes the electors should be briefed about Russia’s alleged involvement in the email hacking scandal, he did his best to dodge the question.

Not giving a direct answer isn’t something We the People will have to get frustrated over after Donald Trump takes the oath of office.

“It’s the American people’s job, and now the electors’ job to decide my successor,” was all Obama would say about the matter. He did however, have a few interesting things to say when trying to explain how and why Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

The American people did decide, that is why we have elections. The vote of American citizens and the Electoral College vote are tied to one another, as they should be.

The only folks shocked by Donald Trump’s big win are the Liberal elites and career politicians. They only talk to each other, only poll each other, and are arrogant enough to think we need them to tell us what is going on in America and to guide us in our vote.

We do not. We never did. The only real difference in the 2016 presidential election is the majority of Americans had enough of Liberal policies, chose to remain silent no longer, and banded together behind a blunt patriot.

Obama said there’s “no silver bullet” or “easy fix” to explain what Liberals continue to call Trump’s surprise victory over the career politician Democrat. He also claimed he was baffled by the increased political partisanship in America.

The man spent the past eight years, the past four in particular, doing his level best to divide Americans based upon the color of our skin, how much money we make, and our religious beliefs. He was either lying through his teeth at the press conference or he is the least self-aware human being on the planet.


WATCH: Obama TURNS On Hillary, Trashes Her Campaign In Front of MILLIONS