WELCOME TO DEARBORNISTAN: Muslim Beats Wife And Drags Her Behind Car With Kids In The Backseat (WATCH)

Newly surface surveillance video captured a insane story on the streets of Dearborn, Michigan.

According to reports, a Muslim family was driving when the husband and wife entered into a heated argument. The mother, who was driving the vehicle, became so distraught that she pulled over and asked her husband to get out of the car. Later, she told authorities that he had become so aggressive that she feared for her own safety and the safety of her two children, who were sitting in the backseat.

Instead of getting out of the vehicle, however, 34-year-old Hassan Sayed chased his wife into the street, grabbing her purse in the process. He proceeding to push her, hit her, and force his way into the driver’s seat. Throughout the whole altercation, the couples’ two young children (both under four years old) watched helplessly.

Consumed by rage, Sayed drove off with his wife hanging onto the side of the car, in her attempt to save her children.

“She was still attempting to get him out of the car when he took off with her hanging on to the side of the vehicle,” Dearborn Police Detective Patricia Penman told reporters.


Source: freedomdaily.com