White Cop Saves Distraught Black Man From Committing Suicide – WATCH!

In this age of riots, looting, and hatred of white police officers because they are merely doing their jobs, making sure that bad men with guns don’t harm innocent civilians, comes a feel good story that proves that not all white officers are racist.

Contrary to popular belief amongst some crowds, 99.999 percent of white police officers Aren’t racist.

They just want to make their communities better places to live, and, to go home at night, to be with their families, just like every other red-blooded, peace-loving American wants to do, also.

 Enter this South Carolinian officer. Master Patrol Officer Michael Blackmore was one of several officers who responded to a call of a man sitting on the guardrail of a bridge in Columbia, SC.

In the video, a distraught African-American man is seen crying as he sits on the guardrail of the bridge. He’s about to jump off the bridge into the speeding traffic below.

Blackmore, along with two other officers and two EMTs arrived to talk the man down.

Absolutely amazing. This video definitely gives us hope for the future. Watch below.

via: freedomdaily.com