WOW! Allen West DESTROYS Hillary with 8 BRUTAL Words About the Trump Tape

Allen West gave his opinion about the Trump fiasco this week and didn’t hold back one bit! When asked about Trump’s decade old recording, he had the best response anyone could give.

West said ‘ seems that rant worked for a corrupt liar who did not answer the 3am call and had an Ambassador and three other Americans killed on her watch.’

West went on to point out that Hillary has no room to talk about treating women poorly.

‘Now, ask yourself, does Hillary Clinton REALLY want to make this election about Donald Trump and women? Needless to say, her house has been on fire, some say still is, and she wants to complain about the grass being too high at someone else’s house. And let’s not bring up the 12-year-old girl, a rape victim, that Mrs. Clinton assailed, enabling a rapist to go free – anyone heard the audio of Hillary laughing about how he denigrated that little girl?’

West explained that Obama and Hillary have decimated our military capability and no longer command respect or have a venerable and feared military deterrent force. ‘But hey, don’t let me get in the way of the Clinton News Network breaking news coverage of the Donald Trump audio tape from 11 years ago. That is REALLY what’s important,’ he writes.

‘We have more than 90 million Americans out of work, and not even part of the active workforce seeking employment. They are just that discouraged. We have a workforce participation rate that remains the lowest in nearly 40 years. We have a Russian dictator, who was emboldened by the weakness of Obama and Hillary Clinton – who gives a former KGB Colonel a damn yellow toy? And all the leftist media wants to talk about is some freaking Miss Universe from 20 years ago and audio from 11 years ago?’

EXACTLY! I couldn’t have said it better myself!



WOW! Allen West DESTROYS Hillary with 8 BRUTAL Words About the Trump Tape